Chak Alla Baksh, GT Road, Mukerian, Punjab-144211
Language Lab  


The Language Development Programme supports students whose learning styles have to create barriers to academic progress and also to remove accents and any hesitation that the child may have in speaking a language. This program is designed to help them develop an awareness of how they learn, improve their language skills and help them internalize the study routines that facilitate the learning process. We offer English, Hindi, Punjabi as thought languages, if the child wishes to opt for any other language, the child may be permitted to do it under self-study with the Principal's authorization.

There is a language lab where all activities related to a foreign language are carried out. Students are given ample opportunity to practice and perform in languages of their choice. The concept of Dasmesh Public School in language class always focuses on - practice reading, writing, listening to, and especially speaking the language. To help the students in practicing the language our facilities are equipped with listening stations where students can listen to recorded materials of the language, conduct related exercises, and take advantage of other language resources. Students get together with classmates and speak the language together.

Students seek help in Language labs such as the viewing of foreign-language periodicals, bulletin boards, information on trips and foreign language clubs which accelerates their proficiency or fluency in a foreign language using computer programs and other audio aids, students become able to practice sound discrimination, identification of main points in talks and lecture note-taking skills.