Chak Alla Baksh, GT Road, Mukerian, Punjab-144211
Geography Lab  



Geography lab play a pivotal role in enriching the geographical base of a student. Learning of geography involves lot of practical knowledge and the lab equipped with modern geographical apparatus, maps & models provide ample opportunity for the students to observe and learn concepts and facts easily.

The school has maintained a well-equipped lab that helps the learners to know the exact location of states, countries, oceans, etc. Our lab contains all MAPS (Physical as well as Political) required for reference. It also contains GEOMORPHOLOGICAL MODELS needed for understanding the subject. With the help of the globe, maps and charts. Students acquire knowledge about the accurate orderly and rational description of the variable character of an earth surface. Measure temperature and humidity with the instruments in the laboratory.

Apparatus like -Rain Gauge, Thermometer, Barometer, Magnetic North and instruments like Globe, standard time indicator, etc and different 3D models facilitate the study of this subject and enhance the comprehension of students. The Lab has a rich collection of CDs and geographical specimens of minerals, metallic ores, rocks and rock-forming minerals.