Chak Alla Baksh, GT Road, Mukerian, Punjab-144211
Computer Lab  

In this age of Information Technology, early exposure to the basics of computer readies every child for the future and also helps the child to overcome any inhibitions they could have towards computer usage.

In this tech-savvy world, we realize the role of school in making our students proficient from day one. No profession can run in isolation as almost everything is interwoven with Information Technology. Our enthusiastic young students will be the budding professionals tomorrow, so, IT training is given keeping in mind today's needs and tomorrow's vision.

The school's computer and communication network provides state-of-the-art computing facilities and broadband Internet connectivity with firewalls. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) exposes students to modern technology. We focus on implementing ICT to truly benefit student learning to provide teachers and students with up-to-date information about technology so that they will be able to expand their resources for functioning in the global workplace.

The school has a well-equipped computer lab with more than 80 computers connected in Wi-Fi with 56 Mbps and a broadband facility.

There is a provision of various multimedia devices like LCD projectors and Television sets to integrate classroom teaching with technology. Various multimedia software are available to support school functions and activities.